SOLEREX was established in 1986 originally as an operating of a hotel interior design company, DESIGNMASTERS, INC. As such, it took charge of of the design, engineering, fabrication, testing and installation fo water treatment, conditioning, purification, recycling and sewerage systems and/or equipment requirements of the company’s clients.

After four (4) years in this capacity SOLEREX was spun off on October 17, 1990 and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines as a totally separate, independent business entity.

This was done in order to meet the growing demand for its service and products independently from that of its mother company.

After it was spun off, SOLEREX concentrated on marketing its reverse osmosis, water filtration and purification systems and its bottled water brand, “CRYSTAL CLEAR”.

In 1997, SOLEREX ventured into water refilling station. Utilizing its expertise and supplier channels in reverse osmosis, water filtration and purification systems, the company was able to offer the market superior equipment at a relatively low cost. This coupled with strong name recall of the Crystal Clear brand, enabled Solerex to expand at a fast rate, build one of the most extensive water station franchise store network in the country after only two years.